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Title: Amelia Earhart

Description: Amelia Earhart (Amelia Mary Earhart: AKA: Lady Lindy, after male pioneer aviator Charles A. Lindbergh, July 24, 1898-July 2, 1937?, declared dead, January 5, 1939.), American Aviator; Earhart is shown at Floyd Bennett Field, New York, on August 31, 1936 in the cockpit of her Lockheed 10-Electra, preparing to fly in the Bendix National Air Race from New York to Los Angeles on September 4, 1936; she placed fifth in the 1935 Bendix Race with her Vega 5b, having a top speed of 195 mph, outclassed by planes flying at 300 mph; Amelia Earhart had a burning desire to become a pilot early in life, devoting herself to aviation, having taken her first flight instructions from female pilot Anita "Neta" Snook in 1920; Earhart was selected by millionaire publisher George Palmer Putnam to be the first woman to fly a plane across the Atlantic in 1928, in a tri-motor Fokker airplane called Friendship, purchased from explorer-pilot Richard E. Byrd; Earhart flew in the Friendship from Newfoundland to Wales on June 17-18, 1928, but pilot Wilbur Stultz actually flew the plane; Earhart was nevertheless celebrated as the first woman to cross the Atlantic by plane; Putnam divorced his wife Dorothy and married Amelia on February 8, 1931; She set her own flying records, becoming the first woman to fly the Atlantic in a solo flight in 1932, and flying solo from Hawaii to the mainland in 1935; Putnam bought Earhart a $50,000 Lockheed twin-engine, 10-passenger 10-E Electra in which Earhart attempted an around-the world flight; she and navigator Fred Noonan flew from Lae, New Guinea toward tiny Howland Island on July 2, 1937, and vanished; it was claimed that Earhart was on a secret mission to photograph Japanese airfields, but crashed on Saipan, where she was imprisoned and later murdered by her Japanese captors; a fictionalized profile of Earhart was depicted in the 1943 film Flight for Freedom, starring Rosalind Russell.

Category: Crime

Keywords: solo flights, vanishings, women aviators, women pilots, air records, aircraft, airplanes, aviation, aviation pioneers, aviatrix, Richard Evelyn Byrd (October 25, 1888-March 11, 1957), disappearances, female aviators, female pilots, missing persons, Frederick Joseph Fred Noonan (April 4, 1893-July 2, 1937?), pilots, George Palmer Putnam (September 7, 1887-January 4, 1950), Saipan, Anita Snook (Southern, AKA: Neta, February 14, 1896-March 23, 1991)

Orientation: Portrait

Dimensions: 1860 x 2429 (4.52 MPixels) (1.31)

Print Size: 15.7 x 20.6 cm; 6.2 x 8.1 inches

File Size: 12.94 MB (13,573,478 Bytes)

Resolution: 300 x 300 dpi

Color Depth: 16.7 million (24 BitsPerPixel)

Compression: None

Image Number: 0000001608

Source: Jay Robert Nash Collection

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