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Badly battered headquartersDownload nowEnlargeShow similar images

Title: Badly battered headquarters

Description: A painting of the badly battered headquarters of Union Army Maj. Gen. George Gordon Meade (December 31, 1815-November 6, 1872) at Culp's Hill in the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (July 1-3, 1863, during the American Civil War (1861-1865); after winning the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia, Gen. Robert E. Lee (January 19, 1807-October 12, 1870) took the Confederate troops through the Shenandoah Valley in Pennsylvania for a second invasion of the North; Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker reluctantly moved his Army of the Potomac in pursuit, but was relieved three days before the Battle of Gettysburg, and replaced by General Meade; Union forces prevailed, ending Lee's plans to invade the North and take Philadelphia; the Union's victory at Gettysburg was at a heavy cost, with the largest number of casualties in the war, although it is described as the war's turning point in the Union's favor; Union casualties were 3,155 killed and 14,531 wounded, while Confederate casualties were 4,708 killed and 12, 693 wounded; after the battle, Lee told Pickett to ready his division for a defense, but Pickett, who grieved greatly for those who were killed or wounded in his charge, replied, "General Lee, I have no division now"

Study Application Notes: Abraham Lincoln ("Honest Abe," "The Rail Splitter," "The Great Emancipator"), born February 25, 1809 in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky, died April 15, 1865 in Washington, D.C.; sixteenth President of the U.S. (1861-1865); Lincoln was self-taught, moving at age twenty-two to Illinois in 1831, working on a flatboat, then later as a rail-splitter and store clerk, until moving to Springfield, Illinois to work as a lawyer in 1837; he served four terms as a state representative from Sangamon County, Illinois as a Whig; he married Mary Todd (Mary Anne Todd; December 13, 1818-July 16, 1882) in 1842, a union that produced four sons: Robert Todd Lincoln (August 1, 1843-July 26, 1926); Edward "Eddie" Baker Lincoln (March 10, 1846-February 1, 1850); William "Willie" Wallace Lincoln (December 21, 1850-February 20, 1862); and Thomas "Tad" Lincoln (April 4, 1853-July 16, 1871);

Background Information: Lincoln was narrowly elected the sixteenth President of the U.S. in 1860 as a Republican. He worked hard to preserve the Union, though eleven southern States had seceded and a Civil War ensued; his Emancipation Proclamation, announced on September 22, 1862 and put into effect on January 1, 1863, essentially freed the slaves and, with his Gettysburg Address, are some of the greatest documents ever produced by an American President; Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C. shot by American stage actor John Wilkes Booth (May 10, 1838-April 26, 1865) and died the next day; Lincoln is buried in the Lincoln Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois; several films profile Lincoln, the most notable being Abraham Lincoln (1930), Young Mr. Lincoln (1939), and Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940);

Category: Political Figures

Topic: U.S. Presidents

Subject: Abraham Lincoln

Keywords: Abraham Lincoln Collection, American Civil War (1861-1855), Army of the Potomac, Battle of Chancellorsville, Battle of Gettysburg, battles, Chancellorsville, Culp's Hill, Virginia, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Pickett's charge.

Orientation: Landscape

Dimensions: 1800 x 1061 (1.91 MPixels) (1.70)

Print Size: 15.2 x 9.0 cm; 6.0 x 3.5 inches

File Size: 5.49 MB (5,758,548 Bytes)

Resolution: 300 x 300 dpi

Color Depth: 16.7 million (24 BitsPerPixel)

Compression: None

Image Number: 0000530220

Source: Jay Robert Nash Collection

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