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Jay Robert Nash Collection
Derek Fell Collection

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Abraham Lincoln
Alfred Hitchcock  
Amelia Earhart  
American Civil War in Color
American West
Audubon's Ornithology
Baseball History
Catherine the Great  
Christian Art
Classic Cars
Eddie Balchowsky Gallery
Extraordinary Orchids
Great Depression
Historic Landmarks
The Jazz Age
Masters of Art
Mexican-American War
Monet's Garden
North American Indians
Pearl Harbor
Political Cartoons
Russo-Japanese War
Selling Everything to Everyone
Ships and The Sea in Color
Trees of Planet Earth
U.S. Navy
World War I
World War II
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This section contains information designed to inform and assist you. is continually expanding and developing its inventory and technology. We want you to be comfortable and be able to make productive use of our web site.

Our personnel are always pleased to answer your questions and/or offer advice with respect to technical issues. Although does not perform Technical Support per se, we can provide guidance to resolve common problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section offers answers to questions asked on a regular basis. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please visit our Customer Service page and let us know how we can help you.

What does Royalty-Free mean?

Royalty Free refers to the license offered by which, upon payment of the license/download fee, allows a user to make use of an image in perpetuity without paying additional fees. In effect, you pay for an image once instead of many times. You can then use the image as many times as you like (with a few restrictions).

A Royalty-Free license is different from a Rights-Managed license, which only allows use of an image in particular ways. A Rights-Managed license places severe restrictions on the period of time, number of impressions allowed, media, location, etc.. Rights-Managed licenses generally apply only to a single application and typically require subsequent payments ("royalties") for additional uses.

Note that "Royalty Free" does not mean a user has unlimited freedom to use a downloaded image in any way desired. There are specific terms governing the use of royalty free images. Please refer to Terms of Service for additional information.

Does sell individual images?

Yes. You are not required to sign up for a subscription or open a prepaid account to download an individual image file. You may directly purchase a single image license using our secure shopping cart system. You must provide all requested information during the transaction/checkout process, but you do not have to open a prepaid account to download image files. Note that prepaid accounts enjoy substantial discounts over retail prices (see our Pricing Schedule for additional information).

How many images per day can I download?

Although our image download software limits transactions to 100 per day per account, this is more a practical matter than a restriction. Image files can be extremely large, as big as 50 megabytes or more. The time required to download an image is primarily determined by your Internet Service Provider's circuit speed and the type of connection you have. A waiver can be provided on request if you need to download more than 100 images per day.

Do downloaded images contain visible watermarks?

No. Downloaded images contain an invisible digital signature which allows to identify its images after the fact, but there are no visible artifacts of this process and the invisible signature cannot be removed.

Where did acquire its images?

The Jay Robert Nash Collection, exclusively distributed by CRIA, consists of more than six million (6,000,000) historical images in the public domain collected over a four-decade period. The collection includes images covering the entire scope of human history. Other collections are also included in's working inventory.

Does offer more than just historical images?

Yes. In addition to historical images, offers includes contemporary, all-color, high-end resolution images consisting of worldwide historic landmarks and the natural world. These include buildings; structures, gardens, works of art, archeological and anthropological artifacts, antiques and objects of antiquity, waterways, streams, rivers, channels, canals, seas, oceans, mountains and volcanoes, resorts; domestic and wild animals, birds, fish and every conceivable subject of interest, all photographed by professional staff photographers.

Can I re-sell images I download from

No. Although you may use downloaded images within the context of your own products and services, you are prohibited from using images in any manner that directly competes with the business of Please refer to Terms of Service for additional information.

Can I assemble a set of related images and publish them with my own text?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so. You'll generally find multiple representative images for any given subject, person, place or thing. Note that you must include a a credit attribution to accompany any/all images you publish. provides a wonderful way of compiling a visual subject set to support your own publishing objectives.

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